Leather or Fabric? How to choose the most suitable upholstery option.

Published : 07/15/2017 21:39:49

Leather or Fabric? How to choose the most suitable upholstery option.


Very often Nigerians shopping for furniture, find themselves in a dilemma when it comes to choosing the right upholstery for their homes. The finish of a furniture piece; Sofas, chairs etc. has a direct influence on the ambiance of the space it is situated in. Before choosing your upholstery, consider the overall style of your home, your lifestyle and the function/activities to be carried out in the space.

The two major categories of upholstery are leather (original leather, faux leather/Leatherette, vinyl, velvet/suede etc.) and Fabric (Cotton, polyesters, wool, silk, linen etc.).


Leather is made from animal skin. It is manufactured using different processes, each of which results in a different look, feel and quality. Protected leather is the most commonly used leather for furniture. It is softer than other types of leather but more durable. Leather is incredibly practical but allows limited creativity. The main benefit of leather upholstery is that it is easy to clean. If you are one that loves to host activities at home that involve eating and drinking, leather might be a good option because it resists stains, scuffs and scratches. Faux leather/Leatherette is synthetic leather that offers almost all the benefits of leather but comes at a slightly cheaper price hence it is preferred for budget projects.


Fabrics are made from natural fibers produced from plants or animals and sometimes man

made. Silk is perfect for a formal sitting room where the sofa needs to be elegantly stylish but is not so functional and very hard to maintain. Wool gives an attractive finish and is more durable but its relatively high cost makes it a rare choice for sofas, especially in the Tropical region like Nigeria. Linen is also a good choice for formal settings, though cotton provides a more durable alternative.

Natural fibers may be visually appealing but are more prone to staining and fading thanblended and synthetic fabrics, which are man-made. These man-made options include:

Microfiber, which is cheap, durable and resistant to pet hairs (good for people with allergies). Chenille, a soft velvety-type fabric, looks elegant but is tougher than other fabrics; and Acrylics, appear similar to wool, however, they are more affordable, durable and have high resistance to stain. If you are looking for a very warm, homely feel for your space then Fabric upholstery will provide comfort and softness whilst fulfilling a desire for more flexible options including, colors, patterns, and texture. 

Where to find them in Nigeria (Lagos & Abuja) :

There is an abundant selection of fabrics available to suit any interior style and color scheme in the markets. If you are in Lagos, Mushin is a great place to find both leather and fabrics, as for Abuja, Kugbo – along Abuja-Keffi road and Dei-Dei Timber market, before the building materials market, off the Abuja-Zuba-Kaduna Express is where to go.

Mary M. Dasat

Skarabrand Contributor

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