Three very important factors to consider before sofa shopping.

Published : 05/23/2015 19:49:05

Three very important factors to consider before sofa shopping.

Sofas are easily one of the most important furniture pieces in any given space. They come in a variety of forms, dimensions and finishes and can easily leave the buyer in a dilemma. There are three major things to consider before narrowing down to a particular sofa choice. These are; function of the space, size of the space and the finishing material of the sofa.

The function of the space is the most crucial factor in choosing a sofa. (Imagine buying an all-white suede sofa when you have active toddlers playing around and messing everything up). The activity that will be carried out in a particular space determines the choice; a public space with high activity and traffic will require a sturdy sofa that will last long and also be aesthetically appealing. Bars, Restaurants, and most commercial outfits go for vinyl or leather sofas for durability. Hotel rooms, on the other hand, prefer something softer and lavish for the comfort of their guests.

Considering the space available in the room is essential; you don’t want to fall in love with a bogus five-seater classic sofa piece when the width of your room can only accommodate a simple three-seater. Most big city dwellers face the challenge of minimal living spaces, hence prefer sofas that are flexible like modular designs and sofa beds that are multifunctional that way, they can rearrange/reorganize to meet specific needs at specific periods. Sectionals are a great choice for open plan spaces as they can be used to define an area within the space.

Finally, the Sofa's finishing material have a direct correlation with the aesthetics of the space it occupies Consider how the sofa will blend into the design theme of your space. Plain fabrics go well in an interior space that has a lot of patterns and textured finishes while a vibrant colored leather sofa can bring live to a neutral colored interior.

In conclusion, the most important factor to consider is the funds available; buying that fancy Fritz Hansen Sofa may be a good idea if after splurging, you still have enough left to buy other furnishing pieces that will give your room a complete look. Once you have considered these factors, you have successfully narrowed your options and can easily accomplish the mission of getting the perfect sofa.

Good luck!

Mary M. Dasat

Skarabrand Contributor

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